Membership Management

Membership Management

When you launch HOG[SCAN] for your Chapter, you get a membership management tool specifically designed for Chapters.  You can even import your Chapter Roster from National to update expiration dates for your members.  We include all the fields that we think you will need, including membership and release expiration dates, and emergency contact information.  If you like printed membership cards, we have that.  Dynamically generated PDF files that just need to be printed and cut.  If you want to add custom fields, we can take care of that  too, with our professional services.

Features include

  • Fields designed for Member data
  • Reporting
  • Email List Subscription Management
  • SMS Messaging to members
  • Import national roster for expiration updates
  • Printable membership cards


Streamline Your Membership Management

Access your members simply from one location

If you are a HOG Chapter Manager, or HOG Chapter Officer, you will love our Membership Management tools.  Let HOG[SCAN] save you time and paperwork, so you can do what's really important.  Riding!

When you launch HOG[SCAN] you receive membership management tools specifically designed for your individual HOG Chapter.  We include fields you will need, including membership and release expiration dates to make running your chapter with ease. Custom fields are available with our professional services.  If you like printed membership cards, we have that too.


Get the complete picture on your Membership Data

Memberships require a great deal of tracking to keep each members waiver dates & dues owed up-to-date. Knowing when both your members HOG National & Chapter dues are expired is a vital part of how to run your chapter.

With HOG[SCAN] you can maintain your chapter members National HOG, Chapter membership and Release signed dates easily.  We have fields designed specifically for HOG Members data.


Reports may not be the most exciting thing about volunteering as Officers of a Chapter, but they are still essential to give you the information you need on how your Chapter is doing. With HOG[SCAN] you have an all-in-one place to get a wide range of easy to use reports.  You will have a variety at your fingertips.

  • Acitvity Reports that will tell you just how many members came to your ride or event
  • Membership Reports for National and current members expiration dates
  • Expired Member Reports on who's National membership expires in the next 90 days
  • Mileage Reports for a members current Ride 365 and lifetime mileage.  


Email List Subscription Management    

Email is major part of communicating with your Chapter members. Keeping members up-to-date with your latest news and events.

You can identify contacts to categorize members on your email lists. Group your members so the right members receive the right messages. Pre-created categories will make it easy for your chapter to get organized.


SMS Messaging to Members

HOG[SCAN] enables your chapter to contact members simultaneously.  Within minutes members will be able to read on their mobile devices. SMS text messaging is considered to be one of the most effective and immediate avenues of communication.

You can smoothly reach out to all or some of your members at any time.  More than 97% of texts are opened and read within moments of receiving them. Text messaging has quickly become the most efficient way for your announcements read quickly.


Import National Roster

You can import your chapters HOG Chapters National Roster into your new HOG[SCAN]  website to update membership expiration dates.