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It's all about the rides, but we also do other fun, group activities throughout the year. Monthly meetings, dealer events, and other varied events like parties, outdoor movie nights, meals, bowling, bar b-q... the list goes on. 
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UNofficial Iron Adventure 2021, Okemo, VT

Well, despite the cancelation from HOG, we still managed to get about 25 chapter members up to Okemo for our "family vacation", AKA the UNofficial Iron Adventure New England!!! Most of us took 4 wheels, due to the inclement weather, but a few hearty souls went up on bikes (myself included). There were several other chapters up there as well-Boston, a RI chapter, a CT chapter, and I believe 2 from NH. There may have been others as well. We all got together Saturday night for a large group pic, then individual chapter pics.

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Good morning Everyone!!! I just wanted to touch base with those who are planning to go to the UNofficial Iron Adventure next week in VT. First, we are looking for a rough headcount-so, if you are planning on going, please post here. Second, we are planning a "community dinner" on Saturday night, probably a cookout (we are going to contact them to see if we can access some grills). We havent come up with an official plan for that yet, but we are thinking maybe 630 saturday evening, as most people will likely be staying until Sunday.

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The Leominster Mass Chapter #1870 Primary Officers For 2021

Jeff Boulay


Bill Reed

Assistant Director

Jen Butler

Secretary / LOH

Nancy Carey