What is LOH?

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is a group of female Harley Davidson enthusiasts,
promoting  activities and adventures from within a local HOG chapter.
LOH was formed as an auxiliary group to provide an avenue for women
to participate in the world of Harley Davidson, and is open to any female who has a full, lifetime, or associate HOG membership. The LOH members sponsor events and activities for all HOG members to enjoy.


Who is LOH?

Ladies of Harley is a benefit of membership but it not automatic. How do you know if you are LOH? Ladies of Harley members receive a special embroidered patch and pin during the first year of membership and an annual pin with each renewal.


To add Ladies of Harley to your membership: update your Membership Profile online or have your HOG number ready and call 1800-CLUB-HOG.


Why LOH?

LOH promotes participation by ladies in the world of Harley Davidson. Since HOG is all about just having family fun, the auxiliary group LOH was formed to provide an avenue for the ladies.

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