Welcome to 2023!!

Welcome to 2023!!

Here we are, another year!!! 2022 has had its ups and downs. We didn’t get a lot of chapter rides in, unfortunately, but we did have a decent showing at the Iron Adventure this year. 

Sadly, we lost several members of our chapter this year as well. This is always a somber reminder for the rest of us, of how precious our lives are, and how closely knit this chapter can be. Nancy will be adding 5 more names to our chapter memorial flag this year, so that we can memorialize them, and keep them with us on our journeys.

Not much change in our E board this year-and, as a reminder, if you would like to run for ANY position, you can simply make that known to us come September, and we can put you on the ballot. The pay is great! I swear!!! Seriously though, we are always looking for fresh ideas from ANYONE in the chapter-you dont need to be an E Board member to participate!!!

Looking forward for this year, we have a few things planned. 

First and foremost, breakfast this year will likely be pastries and coffee for 2023. Unfortunately, Tara had a non-motorcycle related accident, and she is unable to fulfill cooking duties for the remainder of the year. So, any meetings at the Eagles will be pastries and coffee, provided by the chapter (donations happily accepted).

For winter activities, Paul Betrand, our activities director, is attempting to put together a trip to the Motorcycle Museum in CT. This is likely going to be in February, and will be a carpool/meet up. There will be more details coming soon.

We are also trying to put a chapter night together, either bowling in Harvard, or pool in Ayer. If there is enough interest, we may do both. We need to pass winter somehow, right??

One big ride I am putting together will be a monthly challenge ride, where, in order for you to participate, you will have had to attend that month’s meeting, to get the destination. I am making these a themed ride, and I will be announcing the theme for this year’s ride at the next meeting. 

There will be a total of 5 rides, and, in order to win this challenge, you MUST attend all meetings and have physical proof (ie: a picture) that you visited that place, within that month. These destinations can be ridden OR driven to-so long as you attend, and have proof, you will be entered. 

At the November meeting, everyone that completed ALL 5 of the rides, will be entered into a random drawing. The winner will be chosen that day, and will be given a gift certificate from American HD (amount to be determined, shooting for $100). 

We are also going to be putting together a work party to trim the brush back in front of American, as we did a few years ago. We also want to take an awning from out back, and bring it to the front, as Phil asked us to give him a hand. 

Another big thing this year, is Laconia’s 100th anniversary. It will be this June, the 10-18, up in Laconia. I have heard UNCONFIRMED rumors this may be the LAST one, at least here, so, this is one NOT to miss!

And, on a final note, closing this out, please remember our Holiday party is Friday, January 20th. It will be a pot luck style dinner, and starting at 6PM at the Eagles. There will be a DJ, the bar will be available for those who wish to partake, and it will be a great night of chapter camaraderie.

Thank you all, and on behalf of the entire E Board, have a safe and happy 2023!


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