UNofficial Iron Adventure 2021, Okemo, VT

UNofficial Iron Adventure 2021, Okemo, VT

Well, despite the cancelation from HOG, we still managed to get about 25 chapter members up to Okemo for our "family vacation", AKA the UNofficial Iron Adventure New England!!! Most of us took 4 wheels, due to the inclement weather, but a few hearty souls went up on bikes (myself included). There were several other chapters up there as well-Boston, a RI chapter, a CT chapter, and I believe 2 from NH. There may have been others as well. We all got together Saturday night for a large group pic, then individual chapter pics.

Chapter members enjoyed visits to area sites: Texas Falls, Quechee Gorge, Ben and Jerry's (one of the 50 Rides One Nation destinations) and the Vermont Country Store (both locations), to name a few. Members also visited several area HD dealerships-McDermott's in Fort Anne, NY, having the new Pan America, was a chosen destination for almost every chapter member!

The weather was, well, undecided. The group on bikes managed to clock over 200 miles on Friday. Saturday, everyone was in cages, due to the weather-which, for the most part, was just threatening rain. But, as there were members who never rode in the rain before-we opted to be safe, and take 4 wheel transportation. 

Sunday, another rainy day, was the day of departure. Everyone made it home safe and sound. There were, again, threats of rain, thunderstorms, and even flooding. Those on bikes all made it home safely, as did everyone in cages. Fortunately, for those of us riding, the rain, though intense, only lasted about 10 minutes. The rest of the ride, was overcast, with some mist and occasional light sprinkles-but easy riding overall (except for one flooded portion of 119, which came up to the floorboards-but that was the ONLY obstacle we ran into). 

It was a great weekend, filled with fun and laughter. We had a communal pizza dinner Saturday evening, so everyone could be together at least once (everyone was on their own itineraries the entire weekend). Next year, the hope is that HOG will go forward with the Iron Adventure of New England, where ALL chapters can attend, and we can all participate in what HOG has on offer. Who knows-it may even be back at Okemo again!!

I have included a link to some pics that Nancy put together. I contributed the few I took as well. Enjoy, be safe, and hope to see you on the road!!!

UNofficial Iron Adventure Rally, AKA Family Vacation

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