"Un" official Iron Adventure Rally July 15-18

Good morning Everyone!!! I just wanted to touch base with those who are planning to go to the UNofficial Iron Adventure next week in VT. First, we are looking for a rough headcount-so, if you are planning on going, please post here.
Second, we are planning a "community dinner" on Saturday night, probably a cookout (we are going to contact them to see if we can access some grills). We havent come up with an official plan for that yet, but we are thinking maybe 630 saturday evening, as most people will likely be staying until Sunday.
Third, I put together a few local rides, for anyone who is interested. I will have sheets available when we get there for anyone who wants them. Of course, they are only suggestions, and you can plan your routes any way you like-this is just to give you an idea of some of the places to check out while there.
Fourth, I am also putting together a scavenger hunt. This will be available for anyone to join, and will take you to some historic sites, and other points of interest. There will be instructions on scoring, and prizes will be available for the winners.
Fifth, we will have some games that we will be taking up with us-cornhole, giant jenga, possibly even a bingo night. Just fun stuff to do if you would like.
Of course, you are free to do whatever you like while on vacation as well. You have a destination in mind? Go for it. Want to hang out by the pool all weekend long? Do it. We just want to provide members with options.
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Jeff or myself. I will not be at the meeting on Sunday, due to work-but I will be at Okemo Thursday!!!

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Posted by Bill Reed