Riding into 2022

Riding into 2022

Well, here we are, heading into 2022!!! I want to thank everyone for participating in our events last year, and making the chapter fun!!! First and foremost, I would like to introduce the officers for 2022:

Director: Jeff Boulay

Assistant Director: Bill Reed

Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Carey

Membership Officer: Jenn Butler

Head Road Captains: Dana Balthazar, Joey Armenti, Bob Shakarian

Safety Officers: Bob Shakarian, Dan Dean, Dwayne Stimson, Bob Shakarian, Shawn Sadowski

Activity Officers: Paul Bertrand, George Wedge

Editor: Joseph Tocci

Assistant Editor/Historian: Dani Tocci

LoH: Phyllis Gingras

Webmaster: Rob Crozier

Photographer: Dan LeBlanc

All were elected in December, and took their respective appointments beginning January 1.

Next, we would like to thank all that participated in this year's Holiday party. Thank you for attending!


On Saturday, January 8, Jeff, Rob, Jen and myself attended the 2022 Regional Officer's Connection put on by HOG, in Natick, MA. This yearly meeting is designed for chapter officers to assist in getting some ideas of how to run a successful chapter, as well as plan your riding year, events, rides, and anything else your chapter does. Additionally, it allows chapter officers to network with other chapters in the region; make new connections, and see old friends. There is generally a lot of information put out in this 8 hour session, and it is interactive, mixing the officers with officers from other chapters, to encourage group discussions, and to give insights into how other chapters are run. For us, its a great tool to take back to this chapter for ideas on different rides, social events, and activities that we can do. The officers will be having several meetings over the next couple of months, with the intent to create an interesting and fun season of riding and cameraderie for 2022. There was a LOT of great input from the session, and we will be boiling down what we learned, bounce ideas off of each other, and plan some great rides and events for the coming year.

One thing we will be concentrating on this year is our multi chapter memorial ride. As we are the host this year, we are responsible for the planning and execution of this ride. For me, personally, this event means a lot, as we honor members who are no longer with us-many of whom have built up the chapter, and were mentors to some of us. All were our brothers and sisters, and many we had the opportunity to call friends. We will be reaching out to the chapter for volunteers to help with various things as the time gets closer. We have our first round table meeting on February 13. We hope to have a tentative season ride schedule for that meeting, so that we can present it to the other participating chapters, and they, in turn, will share theirs with us.

One thing I personally took from the ROC was the need for inter chapter participation. Supporting each other, attending other chapter events when possible, and enjoying rides with other chapters is something I personally would like to see more of, this year. We are all part of one big family, after all. Other chapters may have rides our members may be interested in, and vice versa. 

Going into this year, we are looking to put together a ride committee. Jeff spoke to it at the January meeting, and we would like members to get involved in helping to plan rides. You dont have to lead them-you dont even have to plan them, we can help with that! But, if you have rides you would like to do, mention them!! We are always looking for new and interesting places to ride to!! The E board has some ideas for rides this year, and we will be putting together a plan to present to the chapter before riding season. So, if you have any input, please let us know!

At our next meeting, we will have the MA/RI representative for the Iron Adventure 2022 rally at our meeting. Dave, the rep, will speak to the rally, and be able to give answers to any questions people may have. I will be working with Dave to update the chapter on the rally, going forward. 

Last thing on my list, Ride 365. In 2021, we had a total of 26 members who participated, and we placed 24th overall, with an average of 2599 miles per member. I know we have more members who ride. So, I will address this here, as well as at the meeting.

Participation in the Ride 365 is voluntary. ANY member with a National HOG number can participate. A chapter member can bring their mileage to ANY HD DEALER IN THE COUNTRY to log their miles. It doesnt have to be done through their home chapter. I take this on as a convenience-but by no means is this the only way to do it. When mileage is turned in, it is logged two ways:

First, your mileage year over year is cumulative, and counts towards lifetime riding miles. This never resets, and there are pins rewarded at certain intervals. 

Second, the chapter mileage for each riding member is cumulative over the course of the calendar year, and resets at January 1 of each year. This is the total chapter mileage for all participating riders and passengers. Our region, the Northeast, has 83 currently participating chapters. The only true numbers we need for the chapter, is your beginning mileage for the year, and an ending mileage. If I have your ending mileage for 2021, I have your beginning mileage for 2022. Anyone else looking to participate, I will gladly take your info at any chapter meeting. 

That is all I have for this month. We are in "upgrade" season for the next couple of months. For us, its planning, working on bikes, and getting ready for a riding season that is hopefully less rainy than last year!!! Stay safe, have fun, and we will see you all soon!



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