Chapter meeting 06/13/2021

Chapter meeting 06/13/2021

We met on a beautiful Sunday morning at Kimball's in Lancaster, MA, for our monthly Chapter meeting. We had approximately 30 in attendance today. The meeting started a little after 9 AM. Discussed several topics: largely, the discussion this morning was around the Wall that Heals escort our chapter is tasked for next month. We also discussed a trip to Laconia after the meeting, for a small group ride, but others had planned several other smaller rides, so no one will be attending Laconia today. Several chapter members will be attending over the course of the week though. Make sure to stop in at the NH Motor Speedway for demo rides of the new Pan America (there are also Indian and and BMW bikes available to demo), and, most importantly, to get your H.O.G. check in pin! Bruce Motta is there (he is the regional HOG manager), so be sure to say hi!

The meeting lasted approximately 30 minutes, at which time, after the door prize, table prizes, and 50/50 raffle winners were called (Thanks Dwayne for giving back the 50/50 to the Chapter!), members lined up for their various rides. Dave LaBossiere led a ride to Bub's BBQ in Sunderland, and Jeff Boulay led a ride to Clear Path NE, where we did a site walk through with several chapter members to give them an idea of what we have planned for lining up bikes for the Wall that Heals ride. 

We will see you all next month! For those who are interested in attending the Wall that Heals escort ride, we will be sending out an email soon with all the details. But, here is some basic info for you:

When: Tuesday, 6/29/21, lining up at 1330 (1:30 PM), KSU at 1400 (2:00PM). We will begin filling the lot at about 0930.

Where: 84 Antietem Street, Devens. 

What to be expected: several hundred bikes in attendance, as well as Wicked Jeeps. This will be a full police escort. We will be the lead riders, with veterans groups and other chapters behind us (we are putting 1/3 of the riders in front of the truck, the rest following), followed by the truck, the remaining riders, then Wicked Jeeps. The route is about 30 miles, going through several towns. Clear Path NE will be grilling hot dogs, and have water available, and will be asking for donations for these. They are planning on serving about 1100, plenty of time before KSU. 

BRING WATER. We cannot stress this enough. Do not expect there to be water or any food vendors at the end of the escort, at the school. Please, bring plenty of water. We want everyone to be safe, and enjoy the ride!!!


Our next scheduled chapter meeting is for July 11th at Kimball's in Lancaster. At this time, we do NOT have a date for the Homes for our Troops ride. Topics of discussion will be a review of the escort ride, and, of course, our "family vacation" that coming week, at Okemo, in light of the Iron Adventure being canceled. We will have a scheduled ride as well, to be announced. 

Until next time, ride safe, have fun, and keep the shiny side up!!!


Bill Reed, Assistant Director.

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