April 2023

April 2023

Another riding season is upon us! The E-Board would like to wish all chapter members a safe and fun riding season! Mother nature has FINALLY released her wintery grip, the roads are clear (watch for sand still on the sides!!!), pothole filling season has begun, and motorcycles are back on the road!!!

This year, for the chapter, we are planning some after meeting rides, as well as introducing this year’s Chapter Challenge ride series. More on THAT one, below!!

Bill Reed is collecting HOG mileage this year. If you would like to participate, please see him, and he will have you fill out a form with your name, HOG member number, the VIN of your bike, or bikes, as well as your beginning mileage for the year. He will submit it to Steph over at American. ANY member can go to ANY dealership at ANY time and turn their mileage in themselves. Bill would like to make it easier for the chapter, and simply submit it for you at the beginning and ending of the riding season, for the annual chapter mileage program. 

Worcester HOG’s chapter has release their Yankee Run book now available for purchase. For those that dont know what that is, they put out a book, each year, for purchase, with restaurants to visit in the New England area. When you go to one of the places listed in the book, you get a stamp, and those are collected throughout the riding season. At the end of the year, they host a party, where everyone submits their points, and a final winner is chosen. Its a fun way to get groups together for lunch or dinner rides (or breakfasts, if you so desire). If you are interested in purchasing one (I believe the price is $20), please let an E-Board member know, or reach out to the Worcester chapter directly.

We have a scheduled ride at the end of the month, the 29th of April, that is a ride by salute to the VAU memorial wall. The VAU memorial wall is a 28 x 6 foot American flag, made up of dogtags from over 7000 service members who lost their lives during the Global War on Terrorism. There are 50 Gold Stars on the flag, in honor pf the families of the fallen. The flag itself will be on display at the Johnny Ro Memorial park on Mechanic street in Leominster. They will be doing a memorial ceremony at 11 AM on Saturday, April 29th. Our chapter has been tasked with an honor ride by prior to the memorial ceremony. We will meet at Kimball’s at 10 AM Saturday morning, KSU at 1030, and we will then proceed to drive by the memorial, and park at child care facility down the road, so that people can walk up and attend the memorial service.

Bill Reed, Assistant Director, will be introducing a Chapter Riding challenge. The idea is to come up with some interesting ride destinations within New England, that are within 3 hours riding. These destinations can be driven OR ridden to. There will be handouts for everyone at the May meeting. Each year will be a different theme. This year, the theme is “haunted destinations” and will take you to several different states. Each month, a NEW destination will be announced at the meeting. The requirements for entry are that you take a picture of yourself (and others who are with you), and include THIS YEAR’S HOG Ride 365 handbook. You can then submit it to anyone on the E board via text, email, posting it on facebook, or any other electronic means. At the conclusion of the riding season, any member who successfully submitted all 5 destinations, will be entered into a drawing for a free oil change from American. We will draw this at our last meeting of the year. The details, and first destination, will be presented by Paul Bertrand at the May meeting.

This year is Laconia’s 100th anniversary. I do not currently have a lot of information as to what is planned there, but this will likely be a HUGE event, and the RUMOR is (unconfirmed right now) this MIGHT be the last one there. So, if you were planning on attending a Laconia rally-this may be the one to go to!

Finally, as you may know, this year is HOG’s 40th anniversary. There is a lot planned in Milwaukee for the celebration, as they are ALSO celebrating the MoCo’s 120th anniversary. There is a 4 day planned event there this summer, from July 13-16. Because of this, there is no Iron Adventure this year. 

As always, if any members take any trips, and would like to submit photos of their trips, please let a member of the E-Board know. We are always looking for member submissions for our website. 

Thank you all, keep the shiny side up, and get those miles and smiles in this year!


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