Accident Scene Management class

Accident Scene Management class

On Saturday, April 16, 9 chapter members-road captains and safety officers-attended an Accident Scene Management class put on by Road Guardians and taught by Jose "kono" Archila. Kono has 30 years as an EMT in Boston, now retired, at the rank of Captain. 

The class consisted of practical application of basic lifesaving techniques, such as assessing wounds, basic wound management, scene safety, and how to remove a full face helmet from someone who is injured (and how to decide whether to even do so). 

We also went over some basic first aid items to carry in a saddlebag, in the event something does happen. 

The class was approximately 6 hours, and all attendees were very enthusiastic and eager to learn. We all have varying degrees of first aid training-from basically none, all the way up to emergency first responder (myself). But, we ALL got stuff out of this class that will benefit not only us, but other chapter members-and even the general public! 

Going forward, this is something that the E-board will look into perhaps on a yearly basis, and open it up to the general membership. On a side note, I would personally recommend EVERYONE attend a CPR and first aid course, such as those offered by the Red Cross. Riding a motorcycle can often be dangerous, more often due to others on the road than through any fault of our own. And, when we ride together, we need to take care of each other. Courses like these can help someone in the event there is an accident, and possibly even save the life of a member before help arrives. 

Thats all for this week! Stay safe, now that the warmer weather is here, and we are back on the road!!!


Bill Reed-assistant director.

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